12 Best Christmas Gifts To Say Scrooge You

Are you looking for a gift to say, “Hey, I don't like you?” You've got company.

Recently someone asked for the best gifts to give someone to tell them, Scrooge, you, and these were the top-voted responses.

Rummaged Through Gift Basket

“Regifting a gift basket, but it's obvious that you took out some items you liked.,” shared one. “WHERE ARE THE TURTLES?” Someone shouted Michael Scott's quote.

Gift Card to Their Place of Employment

One person confessed, “Once, my sister was pissing me off. So I got her a $5 gift card for a store she was working at, and she was livid.”

Fancy Gift Bag Regift

“Regift them what they gave you last year,” another said, “Even better, show up with a nice gift bag. Take whatever they give you and put it in the gift bag unopened. Then give it back to them.”

Make a Donation in Their Name

“Donate in their name to a charity, cause, or organization that is in opposition to their beliefs. Then give them the thank you email/receipt from the donation in a Christmas card or, better yet, wrap it up in a big box.”

Glitterbombs and Noisy Toys

Someone suggested sending a personalized glitter bomb through the mail. Another shared, “I gave my four-year-old niece a 30-pack of colored glitter glue. The Scrooge you were to my husband's sister-in-law.”

A $5 Starbucks Gift Card

Someone suggested “A five-dollar Starbucks gift card. Very few drinks on the menu are less than five bucks. They'll most certainly have to pay the difference on the first and only use.”

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