18 Best Cities To Invest In Vacation Rental

After a long period of being stuck at home, who can blame them? In the past year, home rentals outperformed hotels globally with higher demand for private vacation spaces. For this reason, vacation rentals are an excellent opportunity for interested investors. 

Are you ready to buy a vacation home as a rental property? The odds are you're aren't alone. More people are buying second homes, but less than half of owners use them for more than four weeks of the year. 

Castroville is a small agricultural town located a few miles west of Monterey Bay in southern California. This small city provides many attractions, such as the scenic view along the Monterey Peninsula or watching workers unload the day’s catch at Old Fisherman’s Wharf. The annual revenue potential is $133,934.

Castroville, CA

Families interested in caverns and rock formations visit Lakehead, which is located in northern California. One of the main attractions is the Lake Shasta Caverns. Vacationers can also choose to do a boat ride or a bus tour.  The annual revenue potential is $66,359. 

Lakehead, CA

Manchester is located on the coast of northern California. Tourists can do various outdoor activities, like visiting Coast Lighthouse, whale watching outlooks, and Fort Ross State Historic Park. The annual revenue potential is $62,403. 

Manchester, CA

Apollo Beach is located along Tampa Bay in Florida. Tourists can spend their day on the beach or visit the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve, a  63-acre nature preserve for various aquatic species, and the Manatee Viewing Center. The annual revenue potential is $48,101.

Apollo Beach, FL

If you’re interested in investing in a mountain vacation area, Cherry Log may be an option for you. This city touts a local barbeque favorite, The Pink Pig, and a horseback ride with Adventure Trail Rides. The annual revenue potential is $41,399. 

Cherry Log, GA