The Best Characters in the DC Extended Universe

With the introduction of Peacemaker into the DCEU one question began to pop up in the fans of DC Comics: Who next?

There are plenty of options within the world of The Suicide Squad alone but there’s a big DC Comics world out there with characters to explore so let’s look at who we could have a series of.

Harley Quinn

We have an animated series, a live-action version in Margot Robbie, and more but there isn’t a series for just Harley Quinn yet and I think that she’d benefit from it.

Ratcatcher II

She’s the kind of character that is so rich with mysteries that a series about her could really flesh out some of the aspects of this character that we don’t really know yet.

King Shark

There’s something about a giant shark man trying to be a good guy that is both delightful and frightening in the same breath.

Wonder Woman

A show that looks into a decade or some area of Diana’s life between the movies could be fun and give us Diana back quicker than the movies are sing we have so long to wait until the third Wonder Woman movie.

Clark Kent

We have so many shows exploring his rise to Superman, his life with Lois, and more but we don’t have a journalistic look into his world and it could be fun to explore that side of Clark Kent.

Poison Ivy

We have versions of Poison Ivy in live-action and in the animated form happening all the time but there’s not a show all her own and it could be the time for her to have one on HBO.

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