best debit cards for kids & teens

With consumer debt in the US growing to over $14 trillion–according to CNBC and the Fed–any step you can take to help promote financial literacy early can go a long way.

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It’s important to understand your options before choosing which debit card to get your kid, especially when it comes to cost.

Kids can learn a lot about money through using a debit card. One skill that they will likely pick up above everything else is budgeting.

Greenlight Kids Debit Card: Their tagline is “the debit card for kids, managed by parents.”

Kids debit cards

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Movo Digital Prepaid Visa Card

Current Visa Debit Card

FamZoo Mastercard Reloadable Prepaid Card

More kids debit cards

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Greenlight Kids Debit Card

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Camp Counselor

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Gohenry Prepaid Mastercard

Akimbo Prepaid Mastercard