16 Best Discount Stores To Save You a Boatload of Money

The current state of the economy has most people scrambling to pinch pennies. Shopping for necessities at discount stores is an excellent way to keep more cash in your wallet. Read on to learn the best places to grab a bargain.

Aldi is a discount grocery chain from Germany. It is known for its quality organic and private-label products. The chain focuses on the consumer and uses several strategies to help keep prices low for customers.


Like Aldi, Lidl is also a German discount store that sells private-label products much cheaper than you would find in a regular grocery store. They use similar business strategies as Aldi to maintain low product prices for customers.


Trader Joes

Trader Joe's is another grocery chain where you will find quality private-label products at prices that beat other large grocery chains. Trader Joe's bases its product lineup on foods from around the world.

Kroger is a massive supermarket chain founded in 1883 in Cincinnati. Through several mergers (and another merger with Albertsons in the works), the Kroger Company has grown to have almost 2,800 stores operating under more than two dozen brand names.


The Grocery Outlet is a discount chain with over 400 stores across the country. In the aisles of this supermarket, you'll find tons of brand-named products without the steep price tag.

Grocery Outlet

Walmart is famous for having the lowest prices on almost anything you want. It stocks an enormous variety of products at rock-bottom prices. Their store-brand products are excellent cheaper alternatives to name brands.



Target is a discount department store well-known for its bullseye store logo. You'll find almost anything you need at this one-stop shop, including great deals on clothing.

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