12 Favorite Fast Food Restaurants in 2023

Some people love fast food. No matter how many people look down on it, it's a guilty pleasure for many Americans. But what is the best fast-food restaurant in the country?

It depends on who you ask, but here are some of our top responses. There are even some healthier options here!

Raising Cane's

This restaurant is best known for its delicious chicken fingers, which some people have described as addictive.

Five Guys

Five Guys specializes in tasty hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries. They're known for giving out free peanuts to customers waiting for their meals.

Taco Bell

In high school, I went to Taco Bell with my friends at least once per week, if not more. There's nothing quite like a good Doritos Locos Taco.


For a fast-food burger chain, Wendy's is known for being slightly more upscale than its competitors. 


If you're looking for an alternate chicken fast-food chain, why not try Zaxby's over Chick-fil-A? This Southern United States fast-food chain is known for its yummy chicken and delectable sauces.

Cook Out

Another Southern fast-food joint, but this one focuses on classic American fares. It may not be available in your state, so you'll have to try it the next time you go down South.

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