The Best Golf Video Games of All Time

As far as games come, golf video games aren't usually that well known. That being said, there are actually plenty of them worth checking out. In this post, we'll be covering the best golf video games of all time.

From multiplayer to singleplayer, PlayStation to Xbox, tournaments to mini putt, these games are sure to keep you entertained for a while…

PGA Tour 2k21 provides players with gameplay that simulates real golf. Every golf shot needs to be aimed and set up with precision. On top of that, you can compete against your friends and pros in tournaments and win virtual prizes.

PGA Tour 2k21

Developed by Canadian game developer HB Studios, The Golf Club 2019 is award-winning The Golf Club franchise's newest addition. As a golf simulation game, The Golf Club 2019 offers players a realistic venture into the world of tournament golf.

The Golf Club 2019

Created by Japanese game developer Clap Hanz, Everybody's Golf VR is the best virtual reality golf game on the PS4. It allows you to strap on your PSVR and step onto the golf course in a way you've never before experienced.

Everybody's Golf Vr

Developed by Z-Software, 3D MiniGolf is a classic golf game that you can enjoy with friends and family. Unlike some of the other entries in this post, 3D MiniGolf is solely focused on the putting aspect of golf and doesn't have the full swing part of the game.

3D Minigolf

Arguably one of the most addictive mobile golf games, Golf Clash lets you face off against real opponents in real-time. With simple controls and cartoonish visuals, this game isn't meant to be a replica of real golf… but I'll be damned if it isn't fun!

Golf Clash

Developed by indie-game creator Perfect Parallel, Perfect Golf has some of the most stunning visuals out of all golf games. Only playable on your computer, Perfect Golf aims to be the best golf simulation game in the industry… and delivers.

Perfect Golf

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