Best Horror Movies on HBO Max

With all the great Halloween-related movies currently streaming, it can be determining which horror movies to watch during the holiday season.

However, looking at all the fantastic horror movies that are now available to view on HBO Max at the moment, a serious argument can be made definitively naming it the best streaming platform for all your Halloween-related viewing choices.


In a storyline that more or less faithfully follows the novel, It follows a group of bullied preteens plagued by a mysterious, shapeshifting, demonic entity (Bill Skarsgård) that preys on children, taking the form of their worst fears.

The Conjuring

While nearly every movie in the hit horror series has its merits and strong points, ultimately, it's the inaugural film that started the entire franchise, 2013's utterly horrifying The Conjuring, that may be the series’ best entry.


A film fairly early on in Cronenberg's career, Scanners marked a growing maturity in the young director's work.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

As was the case for the original series, it's a dark, comedic, strange, and foreboding work that has more than a few scenes that will have you lifting your eyebrow, wondering what the hell you just saw.

28 Days Later

If you love zombie movies, you have to watch 28 Days Later. It's required viewing for every zombie fan out there, and—what's more—is probably one of the absolute best, most original entries in the horror subgenre ever.

Little Shop of Horrors

Admittedly, Little Shop of Horrors may be more rooted in comedy than it is horror, but either way, this 1986 cult classic has probably one of the darkest plots of any musical comedy out there.

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