Best Live-Action Batman Moments From BatCat to the Batmobile

In honor of Matt Reeves’ take on Bruce Wayne in The Batman, let’s take a look into some of the best live-action moments in Batman’s history. 

We have plenty of movies to go through, a lot to look at, and so here are just some of the best moments out there. And yes, there are probably things I missed but there’s just a lot of Batman. 

Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer

The two had a dynamic that was different from the comics but was still a fun look into them both as characters. 

Ben Affleck Throwing the Tire

When you stop and think about it: Bruce Wayne is hot. That’s kind of the point. 

Alfred Mocking Bruce for Not Picking Up a Log

It’s simple, sweet, funny, and shows the dynamic that Bruce and Alfred have. Even if Alfred is yelling at Bruce because he can’t even save himself from a log. 

The Campy Energy of The Riddler and Two-Face

Their dynamic is weird, kooky, and something that does exist in the comics. Albeit not as weirdly campy as Schumacher made it. 

Poison Ivy Tricking Batman and Robin

Poison Ivy has had many different versions throughout the years but the Batman & Robin take on her is arguably the most famous currently. 

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne’s Introduction in The Dark Knight Rise

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