25 Best One Hit Wonders From The Beloved Age of The 1960s

The 1960s are known for many things, including Camelot, hippie counterculture, and good music.

Some musical acts from that era, like The Rolling Stones, are still rocking it out on tour, while others fizzled out after a single chart-topper.

Take a walk (or dance) down memory lane with the best one-hit wonders from the 1960s.

Doris Troy, Just One Look (1963)

Just one listen was all it took for Doris Troy's song about an infatuation at first sight to become a hit. She continued working as a backup singer for other famous artists of that era, achieving a different level of success than she enjoyed with this single.

This 1965 song is about an unrepentant serial cheater that everyone should be on the lookout for because he's always searching for his next conquest, whose heart he'll break like all of the other hearts he's hurt.

Bob Kuban and The In-Men, The Cheater (1965)

The Contours, Do You Love Me (1962)

The Contours have the distinction of their song achieving widespread popularity during its original Motown release in 1962 and again in 1988 as one of the songs from the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack.

Originally titled “Pimp Jerk,” after the jerk dance pimps used to perform in nightclubs, the song's name was changed to “Cool Jerk” to keep it from being banned or having limited airplay because of the negative connotations of the word pimp.

The Capitols, Cool Jerk (1966)

At one minute and 36 seconds, “Stay” is the shortest-running song to become number one in the United States. “Stay” also enjoyed renewed popularity nearly three decades later when it was included in the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs, Stay (1960)

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