12 Best Original Netflix Series of All Time According to Fans

Netflix has become a content assembly line that Henry Ford would have been envious of. With so much content, it can be difficult to uncover series worth your time and attention.

The streaming public has identified twelve series that rise to the top of the sea of original Netflix content. Here's your preemptive apology for your favorite Netflix show that didn't make the list. It was that close, I promise.


With acclaimed director David Fincher at the helm, Mindhunter brought some of history's most terrifying serial killers to life while documenting the emergence of forensic psychology.


A critically beloved series set in Germany, Dark puts a supernatural spin on the ever-popular child disappearance storyline. If you haven't seen it yet, multiple seasons await.

House of Cards

Kevin Spacey's unfortunate decision-making put a massive damper on what could have been an all-time great show, but House of Cards still ranks as one of the highest-quality Netflix originals ever produced.

Stranger Things

Leaving Stranger Things off the list of best Netflix Originals would be one of the Stranger Things you could conceive of.

The Haunting of Hill House

It's a show about a haunted house, but more importantly, The Haunting of Hill House is an excellent show about a haunted house.


An animated series with an IMDb rating that falls in The Godfather territory, Arcane documents the tale of two cities. Wealthy metropolis Piltover and underground slum Zaun exist on a razor's edge, and a new drug threatens to disrupt the balance.

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