The 12 Best Overwatch 2 Heroes For Beginners

Overwatch 2 has a whopping 35 playable heroes available to players at launch. Overwatch is known for including characters that don’t feel like other First Person Shooter (FPS) games.

With so many different move-sets, personalities, and uses, picking a starting character can be intimidating for new players.

Thankfully, amid all the chaos in the roster, Overwatch 2 includes several heroes that are easy to learn and teach new players the fundamentals of Overwatch. So if you’re wondering which hero to start with, look no further.


Zenyatta’s abilities offer an interesting journey for newcomers as they decide whether to heal their tank in the center of the action or a Genji who’s applying pressure solo.


Reaper’s a good choice for novices since it’s hard to survive 1v1 encounters against him. His dual shotguns deal heavy damage at close range, and you don’t need to be super accurate to land shots.


Widowmaker is an easy pick for players who usually gravitate toward snipers. Widowmaker’s high-damage sniper can easily one-shot kill many enemies in the game and be a big problem for enemy support heroes.


Roadhog might not be too effective in super competitive modes, but his high endurance and one-hit kill potential make him a great tank for newcomers.


Junkrat’s grenade launcher is a fantastic tool for players who aren’t super precise. The area-of-effect explosion on Junkrat’s gun means that you can deal massive damage as long as you’re close.

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