The Best Pedro Pascal Movies And Where To Stream Them

Pedro Pascal is one of our greatest actors for his ability to bring characters to life that often don't have the most screen time. 

That power has made him someone that fans long to see on screen and so now we're here to help. Want to watch a fun Pedro Pascal movie? 

Here are 10 of his films and where to stream them! 


The film was released by Gunpowder & Sky and is currently streaming on Hulu with premium access. It is also available to rent from Vudu and Amazon Prime Video for $1.99, or Apple TV and Google Play Movies & TV for $3.99. 


The problem is that Sweets is very hard to find online. Hopefully, it becomes available for streaming soon, especially for those of us who like completing filmographies.

The Great Wall

You do, unfortunately, have to pay to rent The Great Wall. And there isn't a cheaper option either. Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, and more all have the movie available for rent for $3.99.