Best Philip Seymour Hoffman Movies (and Where to Stream Them)

Philip Seymour Hoffman was the kind of actor you take for granted, not realizing how great he was or how much you'll miss him until he's gone. 

We thought we'd take a look back at some of Hoffman's greatest performances throughout his career to celebrate the actor, from his initial start as a supporting cast member, to his eventual rise as an Oscar-winning talent in the final few years of his life. 

Hard Eight

In 1996, Hoffman would find himself cast in a promising young director's debut film, Hard Eight—arguably one of the most important small roles in the actor’s entire career. 

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Boogie Nights

Like Hard Eight before it, Hoffman was again featured in a minor supporting role as Scotty, a quiet boom operator who is hopelessly in love with Wahlberg's character. 

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Almost Famous

The film may not include Hoffman's greatest performance, but it still manages to illustrate his strengths as an actor, this time able to perfectly embody the real-life personage of Bangs—mannerisms, vernacular, and all. 

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Punch-Drunk Love

It’s a short but memorable performance, and one that was a lot meatier than any role previously given to Hoffman by Anderson. 

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