9 Places To Grocery Shop 

On A Budget

Remember to grab a quarter if you shop at this German chain; you will need it to unlock a trolley which you get back when you return it!

1. Aldi

A key competitor to Aldi, Lidl is another German supermarket known for good quality and low-price shopping. 

2. Lidl

Costco's approach is to sell unpacked items in large quantities cheaper than if you were to buy them individually.

3. Costco

Walmart, due to its size, has the ability to purchase items much cheaper from suppliers around the world and offer them to its consumers in bulk to keep the costs down.

4. Walmart

For any national brand, Target is offering its Price Match Guarantee that will cover most of the competitors in its shops.

5. Target

With their “more for your dollar” motto, Market Basket is a northeast store chain currently only serving this part of the US. 

6. Market Basket

With their two-to-three-time smaller size stores compared to Aldi or Lidl, Trader Joe's gives off convenience store vibes.

7. Trader Joe's

Owned by Kroger, Food4Less is more of a warehouse-style supermarket with less attention to the store's appearance and more on the value that it can provide to its customers.

8. Food4Less

Amazon has also moved into the physical store by opening Amazon Fresh. It offers same-day grocery delivery for those with Amazon Prime subscription.

9. Amazon