10 Best Places To Sell DVDs Online


With this website, you can easily turn in your old DVDs and get an instant quote. One of our favorite things about this process is that you won’t need to pay to ship.

1. Sellbackyourbook.com

2. Decluttr


If you are going to use Decluttr, we highly recommend breaking out all of the used phones and tech gear that you have and putting them up for sale. 

3. Bonavendi


With Bonavendi, you can see what you can get for your DVDs. It will help you determine where the best place to sell your DVDs are. 

4. FYE (SecondSpin)


FYE or SecondSpin is a place that sells a ton of used DVDs. They have both online and in-person locations.



Eagle Saver is a great option to consider if your DVDs are television series.

6. Amazon


If you decide to sell your DVDs on Amazon, you will have to wait until you find a buyer. If you are in no hurry, this can be a great way to get rid of a large number of DVDs.

7. Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is a very popular way to sell used DVDs and blu rays. It's also a great way to sell locally and avoid shipping costs.

8. eBay


eBay is going to work very similarly to Amazon. You will list your item for sale and wait for a buyer to get it.

9. Craigslist


If you have a large collection of used DVDs, it can be a great idea to use Craigslist to sell them. You can make a free listing and wait for a person to make an offer.

10. Pawn Shops


Something to remember at pawn shops is that you will get a very low value for your product. If you estimate that your used DVD is worth about $3.00, you will likely get $1.50 for it at a pawn shop.