Top 5 Asia Travel Destinations as Region Reopen

After two years in quiet seclusion, safety-first Asia joins the post-pandemic world in reopening its borders to international tourists.

For travel bugs who've been holed up in Europe and North America during this time, escaping to the East is a surefire way to break back out into the wider world again. This summer, beat the crowds back to these top destinations to get a unique first-mover experience in Asia.

South Korea

Seoul's unstoppable nightlife is gradually coming back online. Ready for all-night shopping at Myeongdong? Or getting tipsy on soju while beating out a BTS number at KTV?

From April 1, vaccinated travelers can enter quarantine free if they received their latest dose (or the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine) within the last 180 days. Otherwise, a booster shot is required to skip quarantine.


Fancy posting to Instagram from the world's largest rooftop pool or sampling local fare in the city's famed food hawker centers? Southeast Asia's finance center is once again open for business (and travel) alike.

The city-state is also doing away with all quotas on the number of daily incoming visitors and on-arrival testing. And a special bonus for mask-fatigued travelers – the mouth coverings will no longer be mandatory outdoors from March 29.


Looking to experience the adrenaline rush of Ho Chi Minh traffic on the back of a scooter, sample some authentic Pho, or soak up the breathtaking tropical beaches?

Vietnam accelerated its plans and fully reopened to travelers on March 15, three months ahead of the original June timeline. Hanoi also announced the resumption of 15-day visa-free entry for citizens from over a dozen countries.

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