Where To Watch The Best Raquel Welch Films

In a career spanning nearly 60 years, Welch has had a long and storied life. From her humbling beginnings as a background actress in the Elvis Presley film, Roustabout, Welch soon became one of the most universally recognized stars in all of Hollywood in the 1960s onwards, 

A huge figure in modern pop culture, Welch made a name for herself starring in various films from the 1960s onwards, playing strong female characters who proved there was more to her roles than her obvious physical beauty. 

With Welch's eighty-first birthday having recently passed, we thought we'd take a look at some of Welch's most famous roles, and provide a retrospective look at her lengthy career. 

Fantastic Voyage

One of the campiest, fun, and most over-the-top science fiction films released during the 1960s' (a period in film that was characterized by campy, over-the-top sci-fi films), Fantastic Voyage was the kind of lighthearted movie that audiences had loved so much throughout the '50s and '60s. 

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One Million Years B.C.

Known today for producing one the most iconic photos of the 1960s', Welch's next starring role after the success of Fantastic Voyage was the 1966 remake of the 1940 fantasy film, One Million B.C.  

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Acting as a comedic retelling of the Faust story set in '60s Swinging London, Moore plays a lonely, depressed young cook who agrees to sell his soul to the Devil (Cook) in exchange for seven wishes. 

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