The 10 Best Seinfeld Episodes

Seinfeld is a classic 90s sitcom with 180 episodes about nothing. Do you have a favorite go-to episode that tickles your sides?

Reddit nominated these ten episodes as the very best of Seinfeld, which is now streaming on Netflix.

The Comeback

TableForGlasses24 stated, “The Comeback is way up there. The subplots are hilarious in their own right, but it is truly apex George and that constitutes the best of the show.”

The Chicken Roaster

In “The Chicken Roaster,” A Kenny Rogers' Roasters fast food place opens across the street from Jerry and Kramer's apartments. Unfortunately, their huge chicken sign causes problems that lead to Kramer and Jerry switching apartments–and personalities.

The Pen

In “The Pen,” Jerry and Elaine travel to Florida to stay with his parents for dinner in honor of Jerry's father. Jerry mentions he likes the neighbor's astronaut pen, and the neighbor gives it to him, causing issues within the retirement community.

The Hot Tub

One user stated, “I would say my favorite is ‘The Hot Tub.' The Jean-Paul delivery of ‘that son of a female dog is ice cold' gets me every time.”

The Statue

MrIvysaur announced, “I always liked The Statue from season two. Seinfeld was pretty hit-or-miss back then, but Kramer pretending to be a cop was great comic acting. Plus, there's a good caper involved, and the story builds up nicely.”

The Parking Garage

In “The Parking Garage,” the gang can't find where they parked their vehicle. As a result, the entirety of the episode is of the group searching for it while encountering other obstacles along the way.

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