13 of the Best-Selling Items on Etsy

(And How to Really Turn a Profit)

If you’re considering a category to sell in, it would be wise to select one of the following categories as these are where the buyers are.

Here are 13 items that repeatedly bring in quick sales on Etsy.

Crafts & Supplies

This category is not only a haven for those seeking crafting inspiration but also a vibrant marketplace for sellers to showcase their creativity and reach a wide audience of craft enthusiasts.

Hand-Made Items

From beautifully crafted wooden toys that inspire imaginative play to meticulously hand-carved invitations that add elegance to special events, this category is a testament to human creativity and craftsmanship.

Home & Living

Candles, another popular item in this category, come in various scents, styles, and artistic designs. They not only serve as lighting sources but also add a cozy and aromatic ambiance to your living spaces.

Planner Items

Sellers here offer printables, which are digital templates that can be customized for personal use. These are ideal for individuals who prefer digital planning and desire flexibility in organizing their schedules.

This category features elegant veils and hats, designed to add a touch of grace and style to bridal attire. Personalized cards and invitations allow couples to express their unique love stories and themes.

Wedding Items

Paper and Party Supplies

This section of Etsy is a hub of creativity for event planning and celebrations. It offers a wide selection of paper straws, perfect for adding a fun and eco-friendly touch to your drinks at parties and events.

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