Best Nintendo Consoles and Games: Top Selling

Since 1983, Nintendo has been a welcome part of our video gaming lives. Ushering in a new era when it comes to video game consoles, the NES was merely the beginning.

Since then many Nintendo video game home consoles have come and gone, some being huge successes, and others not so much.

Virtual Boy is the Nintendo console that doesn’t give us any kind of nostalgia besides its being a historical object of our time.

Virtual Boy

Providing a bit of nostalgia, the two mini consoles were only available for a limited time(at least for now) and sold out faster than hotcakes.

Nintendo Mini\SNES Mini

Around since 2012, Wii U hasn't enjoyed the same astronomic success as its predecessor. Only beating the total failure of Virtual Boy, Wii U sales have so far been underwhelming.

Wii U

With PlayStation 2 being released the year before, maybe gamers' wallets were tapped out, or the audience was getting older and looking for a different gaming experience.


N64 brought the Nintendo system into the polygon-filled 3D world, and it was magical. Tons of classic games of all time.

Nintendo 64


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