15 Best Songs To Listen to on Night Drives

For many people, driving and music go hand in hand. After all, it's easier to have a memorable driving experience with the perfect soundtrack – especially at night.

So recently, music fans worldwide engaged in an online discussion to assemble the ultimate playlist for nighttime driving. 

Kavinsky – “Nightcall”

For many drivers, the debate over the perfect nighttime soundtrack begins and ends with the Euro-house classic “Nightcall.” Countless people swear this track elevates any drive to the next level.

U2 – “Where The Streets Have No Name”

There isn't a more suitable nighttime driving song than this U2 hit. From the pounding bass lines to the trademark U2 echo guitar work to the singalong factor, it doesn't get any better than “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

It's an anthem for many people, not just for nighttime drivers. Nevertheless, this iconic song – and its accompanying air drum sequence that every person has mastered – will turn any drive into an unforgettable one. 

Phil Collins – “In The Air Tonight”

Pink Floyd – “Us and Them”

“I was driving back to college from home one night on a nearly deserted interstate with the moon shining bright, and it was an almost ethereal experience with this song on blast,” remembers one fan. 

“Honestly, you could pick any song by The Midnight, and it would be great night driving music,” declares one man, before ultimately settling on “Days of Thunder.”

The Midnight – “Days of Thunder”

When you name your band The Cars, you have to consider at least that your music will be blasting from the speakers of many automobiles! So while they have plenty of hits, “Moving In Stereo” is the preferred choice for drivers to get their adrenalin pumping. 

The Cars – “Moving in Stereo”

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