Top 10 States Where Homes Are Selling Below List Price

Tony Mariotti from Ruby Home made mention of a trend that obviously isn’t a nationwide phenomenon.

“In June of 2021, a record high share of homes sold for more than their asking price, with 56% of homes doing so across a 90-day period. However, it’s fascinating to see where this isn’t the case and that homes selling for more than list price may not be a nationwide thing just yet.”

In order to have this sort of data, Ruby Home analyzed 12 months’ worth of Zillow data to find the top ten states where homes are selling below their original list price.

West Virginia, aptly named the Mountain State, is number ten on our list with the lowest percentage below the list price of the top ten analyzed by real estate experts — 97.28% under the list price. That means an average home price of $300,024 would sell for $291,863.35.

West Virginia

Illinois, the Prairie State, comes in at number nine with a sales-to-list price ratio of 97.57%. This low percent means you’re losing a mint on an average housing list price of $269,575.


Oklahoma, the Sooner State, peaks in at number eight with an average sales-to-listing price percentage of 98.07%. The cities of Danville, Pontiac, and Charleston ranked the lowest of any in the state, all ranging in the 95 percentile for their sales-to-list price ratio.


The Hawkeye State, also known as Iowa, comes in at number seven, moving into the 98th percentile of the sales-to-list price ratio with 98.21%.


The Commonwealth of Kentucky or the Bluegrass State slides easily into 6th place with a solid 98.22%. The most northern of the southeastern region of the US, Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Derby, but when it comes to home sales, it isn’t holding up well.


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