The Five Best States for Aspiring Lawyers – And Five You Want To Avoid

Recently, a new state ranking, created by Uplift Legal Funding, has revealed which states are the best for aspiring lawyers pursuing a law degree at college next year to help them determine their next moves and which ones to avoid.

Based on job prospects, degree affordability, academic success rate, college experience, cost of living, and emotional well-being, it offers soon-to-be-lawyers a jumping-off point to get their career in gear. 

New York State scored the best overall, ranking particularly highly for job prospects, academic success rate, and college experience, making it the best choice for budding lawyers.

Best States For Aspiring Lawyers

The typical New York lawyer earns $188,900, third behind California and Massachusetts. 

Additionally, New York scored full marks for sector specialization and job opportunities, as there’s a high demand for law services and lawyers in the state.

And if academics play a part in an upcoming attorney’s choice for college, law schools in New York are a top choice thanks to the state’s median GPA (3.46) and a bar pass rate of 82%. 

Massachusetts, Illinois, Virginia, and Georgia, respectfully. While not in the top five, New Hampshire performed best, compliments of its degree affordability and (relatively) inexpensive in-state tuition average of $37,000.

More Top State Performers

Out of all 50 states’ rankings, Idaho was the lowest on the list due to its lack of job prospects and low emotional well-being.

Think Twice About Practicing Law In These Five States

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