Best Terry Gilliam Movies and Where to Stream Them

Terry Gilliam is the type of director who makes the impossible happen. 

It's this spirit of surrealism that defines Gilliam and his films, emboldening them with a spirit that anything and everything is possible. 

With Gilliam set to turn 80 on November 22, we thought we'd take a look back at some of his most groundbreaking feature-length films, ranking his 10 best movies, and providing information about where they are currently streaming. 

Gilliam's imagination shines through with some scenes—the entire post-apocalyptic future is dripping with Gilliam's artistic design and penchant for strange, dystopian imagery 

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12 Monkeys

In numerous ways, Jabberwocky feels like an important bridge in Gilliam's career, a stepping stone from the lighthearted humor of his Monty Python days and the more satirical themes of his later films. 

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The film can be upsetting knowing it's Ledger's final posthumous release, but Doctor Parnassus still remains one of the best, most original films in Gilliam's entire career, and certainly one of his best since the turn of the century. 

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus