10 Positive Things About the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

It's no secret that Star Wars fans are divided by which trilogy is their favorite from the nine Skywalker Saga films. People who were alive when the original hit theaters will never appreciate the sequel trilogy as someone who started with it might. 

However, there is still much to love. After asking the internet, “What are some positive things you can say about the Sequel Trilogy?” These were the top-voted answers. 

“The writing in the first two movies is top-notch, especially The Last Jedi. People might not like what was written, but both were fantastic films."

The Last Jedi Was So Character Driven

“The sequels were my proper introduction to Star Wars. I saw the originals but never cared for them much. My brother was always a fan, and I never got into Star Wars until Episode 7. So I'll continue to have a positive bias towards the sequels for that,” another confessed.

Introduced a Generation to The Original Trilogy

Someone mentioned, “The Force Awakens was so exciting and made me feel like Star Wars is back. Daisy Ridley is superb, and her character is compelling. The same goes for Adam Driver and John Boyega.”

The Story Was Well Written and Well Put Together

“They made liking Star Wars mainstream, so my kid won't be called a nerd. At least not for that,” replied one.

Star Wars Has Reached a Wide Spectrum of Fans

Another answered, “In some ways, this is why I love Chopper so much. He's the lovable droid of that series. Only he's a homicidal, unfixable glob of grease with a screw loose.”

We Love The Droids

Someone exclaimed, “Chewie managed to survive almost five decades with minimal damage! He's the real MVP! More importantly, he finally got his well-deserved medal."

Chewbacca Is Still Alive and Receiving His Due

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