Best Tips for Traveling With Special Needs Kids

All children need to experience the joy of adventure. And certainly, special-needs children are no exception to that rule.

It's empowering for parents like Molly David, whose daughter, Reagan, is 22 and has severe disabilities, to break the stereotype that their children are unable to live full lives. David has always taken her daughter on family outings, since she was a baby.

If you, like David, wish to make travel joyful for a special-needs child, here is some professional advice on how to make your child's experience enjoyable.

Create mini-experiences. Before a cruise, take a ferry ride. Before a long train trip, take a short commuter one. Before going on a trip with sightseeing tours, visit a local zoo, aquarium, or museum.

Start Small

Figure out every aspect of your trip, from leaving the house to returning home again. Think about where the triggers will be for your particular child.

Make Preparations

Design a trip around a child's special interests. Parents should consider choosing special interest museums and children's museums around the country.

Create A Child-Centric Vacation

Certain loud noises that we may easily filter out into the background can be overwhelming and even painful for certain special-needs kids.

Yes To Noise-Canceling Headphones

It's also an opportunity to disconnect from technology. Many children with special needs use too much technology as it may be an easier way for caregivers to get a break from some of their more disruptive behaviors.

Connect With Nature

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