12 Best TV Series Finales of All Time

Redditor u/asgard13 asked, “In your opinion, which show had the best series finale.” They nominated their favorite as Star Trek: The Next Generation – ‘All Good Things Parts 1 and 2.'”

Close to 1500 Redditors commented with their favorite series finales ever. Here are the top ten answers. This article contains spoilers. 

Redditor olechunkacoal admitted, “I had to scroll way too far to find someone who says this.” Lilpims suggested, “People are too young. It's crazy to me that so few people even know this show.”

Six-Feet Under

Redditor VaATC asked, “Did you know the real-world Baltimore PD (Maryland) got busted for basically the same thing they did in the final season…a decade after the show ended?”

The Wire

Redditor bookcaseboss stated, “It took me WAY too long to find Bojack. The most phenomenal ending I've ever seen to a TV show.” User teelop added, “People underestimate it because the first episode is kind of silly and talking horse cartoon, but it gets soo good. Pretty quickly after that.”

Bojack Horseman

Another user, berlinbaer, agreed, “It's such an incredible run overall. Unfortunately, it started as a decent but generic case of the week show with little character development.”

Person of Interest

Freakazoidberg agreed, “The Good Place had an amazing finale. Probably the most satisfying and thought-out one.” Gastroid added, “I love how the show introduced an audience to Eastern philosophy that they might not have been familiar with.”

The Good Place

Latter_Feeling2656 suggested, “The best is probably the one to Blackadder Goes Forth, which I believe was also expected to be the last of the four Blackadder series.”

Blackadder Goes Forth

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