Best TV Shows for Fall

Leaves fall from trees, crunchy and gorgeous, Pumpkin Spice features prominently on every Starbucks menu, and a chill hangs in the air.

But without a cozy fall TV series, fall can’t hit its full peak. Wondering about the best TV shows for fall vibes? Take a scroll through this list!

Gilmore Girls

Set in New England, where the leaves seem to have permanent fall-color in the small, cozy town of Stars Hollow, it follows the lives of a young mother and her daughter.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn't simply deliver Halloween scares; it also feels like the series where Fall features as a secondary character.

Twin Peaks

Sure, Twin Peaks takes place in the dead of winter, but it somehow delivers immaculate fall vibes. The show tends toward the cerebral, but honestly, that makes it so fun.

Abbot Elementary

Following a group of teachers in Philadelphia just trying to do their best for their students, it gives laughs right alongside poignant moments.

Friday Night Lights

Nothing says “fall” more than football! And Friday Night Lights eats, sleeps, and breathes football – a show that features no shortage of teenage angst and drama.


Chock full of suspense, romances stretching hundreds of years, and just a touch of magic, Outlander exists for those who loved Game of Thrones but hoped for a little more romance.

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