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15 TV Shows That Never Had a Bad Season

Are you searching for some shows to binge that are good from front to back? You've got company.

Recently, someone asked, “What show never had a ‘meh' season?” Here are the top-voted responses in no particular order.

Gravity Falls (2012)

Gravity Falls. I always complain that the show is so short, but I know if it were to have continued, it just would've gotten worse as it went,” one user suggested. Several other people agreed with this sentiment. 

Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

One person said, “I gotta go with Malcolm in the Middle. They nailed every freaking season with those monsters.”

The Sopranos (1999)

A fan admitted, “I'm currently going through on my first watch, hit season five. There are episodes that I'm like, ‘meh, coulda skipped this,' but not one season didn't surprise me.

The Amazing World of Gumball (2011)

The Amazing World of Gumball never fails to amuse me. The songs are impressive. The lore is shockingly good. Everything about this show is fantastic,” said one person.

Scrubs (2001)

“They had a finale in the 8th season and ended the show. Then it was picked up on a different network and put in a different setting with an almost entirely different cast for the Med School thing,” another agreed.

Justified (2010)

Another added, “I was thrilled to hear about the return of this show. I've seen it a handful of times and never get bored or uninterested.”

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