Best Video Game Board Games

At one time, digital video games may have been at odds with the analog nature of tabletop games, but now the two hobbies very much live in harmony thanks to the growing number of video game board games. 

While video game board games can span a variety of tabletop experiences – from solo board games to beginner board games – many of the best video game board games stay true to the original source material, translating the feeling of playing their on-screen counterparts to the tabletop without trying to replicate their exact gameplay. 

XCOM: The Board Game  

XCOM: The Board Game is the most fun you'll have watching everything go horribly wrong. You and up to three friends take on different roles within XCOM and must work together to repel the alien menace. Each turn has a time limit, and within that brief window UFOs descend upon Earth, aliens assault your base, countries fall into panic, and so much more.

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate 

Set in the Forgotten Realms setting of tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons, the Baldur’s Gate series of PC games have cemented a reputation as some of the greatest roleplaying computer games ever made. 

The Witcher Adventure Game  

Featuring beloved characters from the video game series such as Dandelion the roguish bard, Yarpen the dwarven mercenary, Triss the sorceress and – of course – Geralt himself, The Witcher Adventure Game drops players into a world stuffed to the brim with monsters and the rewards for killing them. 

Assassin’s Creed: Arena 

Why is it awesome? When it gets rolling, AC: Arena only takes about a half-hour to finish, making it one of the shortest games on this list. It's very easy to pick up and learn as well; the most complicated component is probably the equipment cards, which provide simple modifiers.