The Best VPNs for Streaming TV and Movies

A VPN not only secures your online activity, but it also allows you to unlock content from around the world for your streaming pleasure—what better way to while away all those extra home-based hours! 

Here, we’re going over the best VPNs for streaming TV and movies.

All our choices have their benefits, but our personal favorite has to be ExpressVPN for its speed, number of servers, and excellent customer service. 


Rated by PC Mag Australia as “Excellent,” ExpressVPN is known and loved for its broad range of geographically diverse servers—something you’ll need for the very best streaming prospects. 


Some of the more advanced features include double encryption and obfuscated servers to provide an extra level of privacy and security that helps bypass China’s restrictions and other restricted networks. 


CyberGhost has been working hard over the past year and has nearly doubled the number of VPN servers to 7,000 across 90 countries. That said, it’s still far off our first choice, ExpressVPN.