5 Big Bang Theory Episodes These Fans Skip on the Re-watch

Are there any episodes of The Big Bang Theory that you must skip? Redditor u/perfectplacesanyway elaborated, “For me, it's the episode where Leonard meets up with his school bully.”

They continued, “In the one where he gets drunk and apologizes to Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Leonard is sympathetic. He lets him sleep on the couch, only for him to sober up, forget the apology and continue bullying Leonard.”

Are there any you have to skip, or is the whole show a smash hit for you?”

Redditor 1000furiousbunnies nominated, “The itchy sweater one is an instant skip for me. I can't stand it. Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is so cruel. I know what it's like to have his itchy brain issue, but what he did to Leonard was torture.”

The Itchy Sweater – “The Itchy Brain Simulation.”

AbbreviationsAway500 also stated, “I didn't like the Bitcoin Episode. What Sheldon did was rotten to the core, and the way it ended, where Stuart (Kevin Sussman) finds the missing flash drive and decides to erase the data to resale the drive for ten bucks, was gut-wrenching.

Sheldon and the Bitcoin “The Bitcoin Entanglement.”

AbbreviationsAway500 volunteered, “I didn't like the episode where the actress moved above Sheldon and Leonard, and they all dismissed Penny (Kaley Cuoco) to be the new girls' pit crew.”

A New Girl Neighbor – “The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition.”

Redditor madcow87_ admitted, “Right now, I can't watch the episode where Howard's (Simon Helberg)  mum dies. I lost my mother-in-law six weeks ago, right in the middle of a re-watch with my wife.”

When Howard’s Mom Dies – “The Comic Book Store Regeneration.”

However, AbbreviationsAway500 argued, “But that's also the episode where Penny was running the bar and got Sheldon drunk on Long Island Iced Tea; that was hilarious.”

Any Episodes Where Amy Is Rude to Wil Wheaton

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