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14 TV Shows That Totally Fell Flat

Have you ever loved a TV show early on but it eventually became unwatchable?

Someone in a popular online forum asked, “What TV show did you get really far into but eventually quit watching before its conclusion?” Here are the top 14 responses.

True Blood

True Blood,” one person said. “It got so confusing, it was far too much effort to keep watching."


One person suggested Supernatural. “I fell off after the darkness arc. Just couldn't do it anymore — even the nostalgia factor wore off,” one disappointed fan said.


The introduction of the character “Sweet Pea” was a bridge too far for one former Riverdale fan. But they freely admit they may have given the show more credit than they should have. 

The Blacklist

Unfortunately, The Blacklist‘s final season came way too late for fans from the early days. After the main storyline was tied up, the show lost the thing that made it stand out against other procedurals. 

Pretty Little Liars

The problem with Pretty Little Liars, at least for one viewer, is that they treated the viewer like they're stupid. 


A former fan knew exactly why they stopped watching. Not only were they at their limit of how much self-destruction they could stomach, but they also felt the drama started becoming too over-the-top.

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