Billionaire Elon Musk Tempts McDonald’s With Dogecoin Dare

McDonald's has found itself in the crosshairs of the cryptocurrency market sell-off, and it seems to be lovin' it. The fast-food retailer has become the object of memes circulating in the cryptocurrency community. 

The fun started in response to the latest bear market in which the bitcoin price has been slashed from a November high of nearly $69,000 to below $38,000 today.

With prices in a rut, bitcoin investors have gotten creative, likening their desperation to fast-food worker jobs. Like many fads in the crypto space, the McDonald's meme has triggered a chain reaction, even getting the attention of the company, which is playing along.

Most recently, billionaire Elon Musk chimed in, using the meme craze as an opportunity to entice McDonald's to add support for his favorite crypto, Dogecoin. 

Musk offered to “eat a happy meal on TV if McDonald's accepts Dogecoin.” One from McDonald's rival Burger King is among the thousands of responses, shown below.

All the attention has been good for the Dogecoin price, which is off its highs but is still rallying by over 7% in response. It is good timing for the meme coin, whose price has fallen about 18% so far in 2022.