20 Birthday Freebies and Deals to Help You Celebrate Your Special Day

It's not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a special birthday. In fact, wouldn’t the ideal birthday be one where you spend little or no money at all? We definitely think so.

That’s why we investigated some of the best birthday freebies and deals out there.


Sign up for Starbucks Rewards, and on your birthday, you’ll receive a  free drink or food item of your choice. If you’re a regular Starbucks drinker, then you can reap the rewards of free drinks throughout the entire year.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins has a Birthday Club that will provide you with a free small scoop of ice cream on your birthday.


Join Chik-fil-A One, and they will provide you with a free treat on your birthday. You can also benefit from this reward program throughout the year by earning points toward rewards when you eat here.


Moe’s Rewards provides those celebrating their birthday with a free burrito. You read that right – a FREE burrito. You get to enjoy a good Moe’s lunch accompanied by an enthusiastic “Welcome to Moe’s!”

Panera Bread

If you sign up for MyPanera online, you’ll receive a free treat on your birthday. Take advantage and have an afternoon cup of coffee and pastry at Panera.


IHOP provides a free stack of pancakes on your birthday just by signing up for the IHOP Rewards Program. You can redeem your birthday rewards on your actual birthday or seven days before or after. 

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