Bitcoin Price Flips Green Thanks to Crypto-Friendly Guardrail

Bitcoin is here to stay, and cryptocurrency investors everywhere are celebrating. President Biden has placed his John Hancock on an executive order that validates cryptocurrencies.

The bitcoin price has climbed 10% higher in response to above the $42,000 level, as investors exhale after a prolonged market downturn. 

Investors were waiting on pins and needles to see which way the regulatory pendulum would swing, and as it turns out, the US has decided if you can't beat them, join them.

In a nutshell, the US wants to be competitive on crypto rather than making tech innovation unwelcome and sending it overseas. It's a long time coming. 

President Biden's order tasked policymakers with researching the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies, exploring the introduction of a US digital currency, and crafting regulation.

Cryptocurrency market leaders are not opposed to rules; they just want them to be fair, which appears to be the order's intent.