Meet The Influencers Who Are Bringing TikTok To The Bookstore

Print and social media collide beautifully in the rapidly growing BookTok niche of TikTok. In fact, Publishers Weekly credits BookTok for its 48.8% increase in Young Adult unit sales last year.  

Who is driving sales to books such as Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles and Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us?  

What is BookTok?

BookTok is the name of the niche on TikTok, where users post book recommendations, discuss books, literary tropes, and all things book-related. It has quickly become a driving influence on publishing and literary sales. 

The study, conducted by the writing app ProWritingAid, analyzed the number of followers and likes of more than 30 bookish accounts on TikTok to discover which influencers are the most popular. 


@aymansbooks, managed by 21-year-old Ayman Chaudhary, gained traction for the first time in late 2020 when Ayman published a 57-second-long video where she recommended a book she read by saying: “Stop what you’re doing, shut up and read this book!” 


Regardless of her library, Pauline advocates for affordable reading. She understands some people struggle to buy hard copy books, so she also focuses on suggesting eBooks and alternative ways to enjoy great stories. 


Taking the third spot is @abbysbooks, run by 22-year-old Brit Abby Parker, who joined the community and gained massive popularity during the early weeks of the pandemic. 

Jaysen Headley and Jenna Starkey’s accounts come in fourth and fifth place, with 499,500 followers and 20.7 million likes, 370,900 followers, and 13.3 likes. 

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