10 Books People Read in School That They Never Want Their Kids To Read

Banning books is a horrible version of censorship, but have you ever encountered a book so traumatizing that you hope your child waits until they're older to read?

Here are the 10 titles the internet wants to protect their children from.

A Child Called It (1995)

One individual claims they read the novel at age nine because the book markets itself as a children's novel. “Why on earth they thought that was an appropriate book for small children to be purchasing and reading, I will never know. The 90s were a trip,” they write.

Survival Type (1982)

Stephen King is not a name that circulates children's classes much, except for this case. One reader shares the story of the time his teacher read the Stephen King short story about a plane crash, drug abuse, and cannibalism to a group of children.

This is my pick. I read this book freshman year of high school, and though I am a horror-loving person now, at the time, I had an intense fear of anything branded “scary.”

No Country for Old Men (2005)

A Day No Pigs Would Die (1972)

Muliple parents claim to refrain from telling their kids truths about the meat industry. A Day No Pigs Would Die exploits that industry with graphic and unforgiving detail about working on a farm and slaughtering livestock.

Those who don't want their kids to read Catcher in the Rye suggest Holden is “the original Caillou” and a whiny, unreliable narrator. Maybe that's the point.

Catcher in The Rye (1951)

"Reading Wuthering Heights as an adult gave me a totally different story; that book is messed up, and as a child, you don't have the mental capacity to fully understand it,” a bookworm adds.

Wuthering Heights (1847)

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