The Post-covid Boom of Adventure Travel

After a protracted downturn because of COVID, resulting in losses of $4.5 trillion and 62 million jobs in the sector last year, there are some encouraging developments for the adventure travel industry.

The travel industry generally and the adventure travel subset, in particular, have now experienced a resurgence of optimism.

According to a February news report from the Adventure Travel Trade Association, over half of all travelers worldwide intend to travel for a domestic holiday this year, with the percentage being higher in the US.

The increase is not unexpected, given that the pandemic kept individuals confined to their homes for a considerable amount of time.

The function of social media is worthy of note, which has helped make adventure travel more appealing and well-liked. According to 2019 Facebook research, 67% of travelers visit Instagram before booking a vacation. And continue using the site to get pumped up for the adventure ahead.

Many things inspire adventure travelers; for some, it has become a lifestyle. It is driving them to make drastic changes and go to great lengths to meet their goal of becoming adventure travelers.

Adventure travel means spending money as well. It requires a lot of planning, budgeting, and savings once you prioritize adventure travel and know what to expect.

One thing is for sure. The travel industry is adapting quickly and seems to be making a strong recovery. As long as travelers have an insatiable quest for authentic experiences, the adventure travel niche is going nowhere.

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