Boomers Won’t Survive the Bear Market Unless They Do This

The stock market has been in freefall recently thanks to rising interest rates and inflation. So what does that mean for Boomers who are retired and done saving?

When you're young, advice for surviving bear markets is fairly straightforward-keep saving and investing and don't let yourself get scared out of the markets.

Risk Analysis

Retirees, however, are at a much different point in their lives and may not have the time for the patience required to wait out down markets.

Financial planning is much more complex for someone who is spending down their portfolio rather than building it up.

Monte Carlo simulations can be a great asset because they show a wide range of potential outcomes. However, you only have one shot to get it right in retirement.

Monte Carlo Simulations

There is a plethora of advice on saving and preparing for retirement, but not so much for how to live out your years successfully when you've left the workforce for good.

Retirees now have the opportunity to add yield to their portfolio that has not been available in over a decade. Short term bonds today are yielding what junk bonds were yielding a year ago.

Lots of Opportunity

Expected returns are much higher for bonds than they have been in a long time. Retirees will still need to balance the need for growth over the long-term with stability over the short-term when it comes to building a durable portfolio.

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