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Credit is an essential component of your financial health, but many people are utterly clueless about their credit score or how they can improve it. We at Your Money Geek don’t want any of our readers to start their financial journey without the basic knowledge of their current situation.

We’ve put together four easy steps to fix your credit score (and your credit awareness) fast. They will help those that need a more comprehensive understanding of their situation and what they can do to improve it today.

It stands to reason that you cannot fix a problem if you don’t know it exists in the first place. So, you need to find out your credit score, through a reliable source, to determine how bad the damage is. To run your credit for free, try first visiting Annual Credit This site provides users with one free credit report every year that will give you a decent picture as to how you’re registering on the credit scale.

Discover Your Credit Score

Your free credit report will provide you with information on the pieces of your financial puzzle that harm your credit score. Three main factors are more than likely dragging you down. The first is that you don’t have enough credit. Much like the scenario we laid out above, if you are young and only have one credit card that you’ve maxed out, then it’s likely that your available credit is low or non-existent.

Determine What Factors Are Negatively Impacting Your Credit Score

The first thing you can do to assist in repairing your credit score is to start paying down your credit. However, not many of us have expendable income. So, we’re guessing you’re in this sticky situation in the first place because you don’t have the money to pay your overdue balance. If this is your situation, then we have two words for you: communicate and respond. Don’t ghost your creditors.

Communicate and Respond

If you’re feeling like you ready to do something big to boost your credit score virtually overnight you may consider partnering with an organization like Coast Tradelines. Coast Tradelines helps individuals with no credit or low credit scores build their credit by partnering them with individuals with high lines of credit and excellent credit repayment history.

Consider Using a Tradeline for a Quick Boost