Breaking Free From a Poverty Mindset

What is a poverty mindset?

Breaking free from a poverty mindset is not about making more money: changing your thinking and adopting a growth mindset.

What is Poverty Mindset?

1. Always spending what you have because you may not have more later. 2. Hoarding and not spending what you have because you may not get more later.

Rich Mentality Vs. Poverty Mindset

If you are interested in making a better future for yourself and your family, you need to change your thinking and mindset. It would help if you adopted an abundance-mentality and a growth mindset to be successful.

Manifest Your Way to Wealth

By acting confident and acting as if you are open to the world's possibilities, you will be sending a subliminal message to those around you (and yourself) that you are ready and willing to accept opportunities.

Breaking Free from a Poverty Mindset

The first step is to change your thoughts. Once your thoughts are changed, then your feelings will change. Once your feelings change, then your actions can change.