‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Episodes Ranked

Well paced and plotted, this season was beautifully balanced between characters and stories without any real issues, floundering or sluggishness which I found brought down some of Season 1.

Episode 5 “An Unthinkable Fate”

While this is ranked last, and the one episode where I felt the pacing and plots screech not to a halt but to a much slower pace, I cannot call the episode boring or poor.

Episode 1 “Capital R in Rake”

The tone of this episode is light and engaging, and the introduction to each story as well as the new characters of the Sharma family, who returned to England and are staying with Lady Danbury, is truly wonderful.

Episode 6 “The Choice”

Although this is not the penultimate episode of the season, story-wise it acts as such as the day of Anthony and Edwina's wedding arrives and the pull between duty and desire and love reach its breaking point for Anthony and Kate.

Episode 2 “Off to the Races”

After Edwina Sharma is bestowed the title of this season's “Diamond” she is met with a great deal of suitors at her doorstep, all of which must be met with the approval of her older sister Kate.

Episode 7 “Harmony”

The fallout of the wedding or lack thereof is the focus of this fine episode which lives up to its title.

Episode 4 “Victory”

Despite the many different storylines going on at once, the episode manages to remain engaging and provides a good bridge for the development of the character's journeys for the season.

Episode 3 “A Bee in Your Bonnet”

A glorious, poignant episode, with so much to love, this nearly made the top of the list, and honestly, it basically is tied for first as the best episode of the season for a multitude of reasons.

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