BRRRR Method: The Red-Hot Approach To Real Estate Investing

While the name sounds frigid, there's a red-hot way to do real estate business! 

Here’s how to use the BRRRR real estate investing strategy to generate some cold hard cash in the real estate industry. 

BRRRR stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. 

Essentially, investors buy up properties, rehab what is necessary to make the properties livable and safe, rent out the properties to recoup what they have invested, refinance at a lower rate to reduce the selling price on the property, sell it off (if they so desire), and then repeat. 

They can choose to keep the property as a rental property for a while if they want to make some money off it, but selling a property as soon as the market values rise again is a better option. 

Refinancing the property leads to a cash-out option that provides the property owner/buyer with funds to buy another property that needs fixing. 


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