Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Kendall Roy, and the Sad Rich White Boys We Love

There is a type of fictional character that will bring fans together and keeps us engaged in their storylines despite the fact that everything about them is less than appealing.

I’m talking, obviously, about the sad rich white boys who we love most of all.

These characters are typically the tip of the privileged tower and yet they have captured our hearts because they’re lonely and sad in their lives because their fathers didn’t love them or are dead or whatever else is against them and then here we are.

One of the main characters we’ve loved and cared for who falls into this tier is Batman.

Bruce Wayne as a character is someone who is complicated but also perfect.

He struggles with understanding Gotham and what he needs to do to keep his father’s legacy alive but he has little to no balance in his life.

My favorite sad rich boy who I probably should not love is Kendall Roy, played incredibly by Jeremy Strong.

The Succession character is introduced as the second oldest son of Logan Roy and a former drug addict who has been getting himself clean and trying to prove he’s ready to take over his family’s company.

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