5 Budgeting Tricks You Won’t Believe Actually Work

Budgeting is like New Year's Resolutions – we all know we need to make changes and follow a plan, but how long do those plans usually last?

For many people, saving and keeping a budget is so difficult that they deprive themselves of ever reaching the financial happiness they deserve.

When everything else has failed to work, these five budget tricks may be just the thing you need to save money and stick to your budget finally.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you've tried everything else and just can't seem to save money, try hiding it. We're not talking about burying your money in the backyard. Instead, check out some automated savings programs like Bank of America's Keep the Change Program.

Make sure you spend at least a little of your hard-earned money every month. Budget your fun money carefully but make sure you're enjoying life and can keep to your goals.

Spend Money to Save Money

Turn your Budget Upside-Down

Take out the money for savings and investment before your normal living expenses. The general rule is 10% of your income, but you might want to try a little more depending on the time you have left to reach your financial goals.

What, you don't have an extra five hours a week for a side-hustle? The best way to make extra cash is through passive investments like dividend investments, bonds, and peer lending. You'll be able to increase your income without taking on a second job.

Invest in Yourself and Make More Money

Budget bucketing is about creating a little financial discipline by separating your money according to your goals. For example, you might have one savings account for your emergency fund and one account for other savings.

Separate your Money with Budget Bucketing

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