Everything You Need To Know About Building an Outdoor Play Area

Are you considering building a playground or buying outdoor play equipment? It’s the perfect way to encourage the children in your care to get moving and have fun during playtimes.

There are many factors to consider when planning a playground and buying outdoor play equipment. No particular area is more important than the next, although some are non-negotiable in the standards you’ll want to employ, such as the safety of the space.

Here are some essential factors to consider when planning a playground to get you started:

Different age groups often have additional equipment requirements, primarily related to safety. You may need separate playground sections with fences, different wet pour colors, and signage with the appropriate equipment inside. 


Size matters with safety considerations and clearance for higher-level equipment, like climbing frames. It also impacts the type of equipment you can consider and whether having one large multi-center or multiple smaller pieces is better. 


You may need new surface laying or your existing surface working on to ensure it is safe and suitable. Some equipment must be installed into the ground, and some can sit on top of the surface.


Does signage need to be accessible for EAL students or children with visual challenges? Can you add inclusive and interactive equipment that enables children of all abilities to enjoy the playground space?


The overall look of the playground should be appealing and beautiful and can include colored wet pour, Vivid Grass, and markings to create bright, exciting color schemes that children will be drawn to.


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