Bullet Journal Ideas To Help Get Started

Some people believe that writing down all your thoughts, especially before bed, can help you get organized, manage your thoughts, and get a better night's sleep.

When it's written down, you won't forget, which will naturally help you feel more relaxed.

Bullet Journals have a similar setup that consists of an index, future log, daily log, and monthly log.

A bullet journal should have an index because you don't want to find yourself having to flip through to find particular content constantly. The index lists the names and corresponding pages for each item you wish to record.


The future log is a list of events that are in the future, basically like a calendar. Examples include birthdays, holidays, vacations, and any other significant events or deadlines that are important to remember.

Future Log

You can begin this log at any time of the month or year. Jot each month at the top of a new page. Down the sides, write the dates with the first letter of the week beside it.

Monthly Log

The daily log doesn't need to be part of the index. Instead, write your entries as they come to mind, whether it's a task you need to accomplish or a note about your child winning a soccer game.

Daily Log

Collections are pages with a specific topic and usually anything that isn't a log. So, for example, you can record a list of books you want to read, movies to watch, podcasts to listen to, etc.


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