Bus Travel: Alternative to Planes, Trains, and Automobile

Forget planes, trains, and automobiles; bus travel is emerging as a key player in the travel game.

In this post-pandemic world, travelers are seeking cheaper alternatives to their destinations.

With gas prices soaring, hopping on a bus—and leaving the driving and fillups to someone else—can ease the stress and wallet of many travelers.

Leading the way in bus travel is FlixBus, starting in Europe and now taking the United States by storm.

Flixbus and Greyhound

Travel experts point to bus travel as key in markets across the U.S. and abroad that are only served, or best served, by bus travel. These are routes with no train service, where sometimes plane travel is more costly.

Bus Only or Bus Centric Destination

In addition to Flixbus, other lines around the U.S. include Peter Pan, Megabus, and Chinatown. Peter Pan Lines is known for its routes through the Northeast, having the most express service anywhere on the Cape and the Islands.

Other Bus Options and Booking

In addition, it is always a good idea to check out regional local bus lines. For booking, visiting the company's direct website is one method.

However, a quick check of a site such as Wanderu, Rome2Rio, Busbud, or Omio (which includes Europe) will present all options on a specific route. These are especially helpful when you aren't sure if a destination is serviced by a bus or not.

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